About Corey Lightfoot


Born in 1961 and raised in Brownsville, Brooklyn New York , Corey became interested in Art at the age of 10.He started sketching in Middle School when he soon realized he had a interest and gift in drawing. With no formal training, he stepped out on faith and created his own line of hand-painted t-shirts and became a street vendor at various street fairs throughout New York. At the urging of his steady clients,he put his art on canvas and experimented with acrylics and oils. As a former DJ, his love for music is evident in his art. He is also known to create works inspired by dance,faith,family and social justice.

Currently residing in Greenlawn, New York, Corey's work has been exhibited in many homes and galleries throughout the nation including The Lewis gallery,Aviva art gallery,Zion gallery,The skylight gallery, the Highland Cultural Center and My sweet Kalahari gallery Brooklyn, New York.
Corey's art vendoring experience includes BAM Dance Africa, Grant's Tomb, International African Arts festival,Atlantic Antic, Fulton street Art fair, BESAA Studio Strut and the Washington square park art expo.
He is a member of BESAA, Fulton Street Art fair, Huntington Arts Council, Huntington Art league and Heckscher museum of the arts.